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u*Blog Ver.0.6A build14

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u*Blog Ver.0.6A build14 is released.

The database structure has changed. Please unistall older version first to install this version.

New in this release

  • Supported reordering of tags in HTML editor.
  • Fixed a bug that values more than 32767 can't be set in BlogID field.

This is minor bug fix release.
Reordering tags are supported in this occasion. I forgot to impliment it in last version.
#You want to reorder tags, don't you? ;-)

u*Blog Ver.0.6A build12

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u*Blog Ver.0.6A build12 is released.

New in this release

  • Supported built-in and configurable HTML editor.
  • Buttons in entry form are changed into graphial buttons.
  • Supported html entity conversion
  • Fixd a bug that fatal error occurs when you delete an entry in PalmOS 5.4.
  • Added error handling for communication errors such as 404, 300, etc.
  • Now you can write body more than 255 letters.
    I forget to extend it and leave it as defalut value in former versions. (^^;

u*Blog Ver.0.5A build9

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u*Blog Ver.0.5A build9 is released.

New in this release

  • PingURL is cleared when post succeeds.
  • Fixed a bug that fatal error occurs when you exit u*Blog after you delete an entry.
  • Fixed a bug that message &s;can't get enough memory&s; is shown when you post an entry without body.
  • Error handling in posting entry gets better.

u*Blog Ver0.5A build8

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u*Blog Ver.0.5A build8 is released.


  • Write entries on palm devices.
  • Post entries from palm devices
  • Support Japanese charactors
  • Support MovableType functions listed below
    • Extend
    • Allow comment
    • Allow trackback
    • Convert line break
    • Trackback ping


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