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PetitLaunch Ver.1.0 build17 is released.
You can overwrite a older version when you update this palmware. In this case, please disable it once and enable it after you update it.

New features in this release

  • Support auto command execution option, which enable command to be executed automatically when no other commands can be found by incremental search.
  • Support 5-way-navigator control in setting forms.

PetitLaunch Ver.1.0 build15 is released.
PetitLaunch is a powerful command based launcher for PalmOS devices.


  • Allow users to execute applications, DAs and system functions by commands.
  • 6 commands can be executed using hardkeys also.
  • Commands are searched incrementaly and compensated.
  • Commands' names are configurable as you want.

u*Blog Ver.1.0 build39

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u*Blog Ver.1.0 build39 is released.
You can install this version without unistalling old version.

New in this release

  • Application icon is changed.
  • Supported finding BlogID via XMLRPC.
  • Supported edit menu in keyword and excerpt form.
  • Added confirmation dialog when you post an entry.
  • Changed the tag which means excerpt from <more> to <extend>.
  • Fixed a bug that fatal error occurs in some case if you cancel connect dialog

u*Blog Ver.0.9 build36

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u*Blog Ver.0.9 build36 is released.
Although I just release release version, bugs are found.(^^;
I felt rather unsatisfied with releasing new version as just bug fixed version and extended its functions a little.
You can install this version without uninstalling last one.

New in this release.

  • Fixed a bug that network status icon dosen't change correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that category list isn't loaded correctly.
  • Blog title is shown as a title in entry form.
  • Supported moving insertion point by graffiti

u*Blog Ver.0.9 build35

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u*Blog Ver.0.9 build35 is released.
In this version. Database structure is changed. So please unistall old version before you install this version.

New in this release

  • Supported multiple blogs.
  • Added an icon to connect to / disconnect from network.
Major bugs have been fixed, I think. So I treat u*Blog as release version from this release.

Well now, I have to write a manual about it. :-(

u*Blog Ver.0.8B build32

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u*Blog Ver.0.8B build32 is released.
You can install this version without unistalling last version.

New in this release

  • Fixed a bug in upload function.

In this release. Satomin@Naniwa no OL helped me a lot to debug.
THANKS A LOT Satomin.:-)

u*Blog Ver.0.8B build31

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u*Blog Ver.0.8B build31 is released.

New in this release

  • Supported list view in entry list form.
  • Supported deleting and editing posted record.
  • Supported bloggerAPI and metaWeblogAPI.
  • Fixed a bug that datecreated is not set correctly when you set 1 degit number to minute.
  • Modified the size of image file division.

Read extend for more detail.

u*Blog Ver.7.0B build26

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u*Blog Ver.0.7B build26 is released.

New in this release

  • Fixed a bug that random charactors are shown in keyword and excerpt in some cases.
I forgot to clear these data when a new record was cleated. (^^;

u*Blog Ver.7.0B build25

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u*Blog Ver.0.7B build25 is released.

New in this release

  • Fixed a bug thaa SelectTime form popups when you tap clip icon.
Test codes have not been deleted. (^^;

u*Blog Ver.0.7B build24

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u*Blog Ver.0.7B build24 is released.

The database structure has changed. Please unistall older version first to install this version.

New in this release

  • Supported datacreated
  • Supported keyword and excerpt
  • Changed default value of timeout from 10sec to 100sec.


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