May 2005アーカイブ

I add setting informations for major blog services;, TypePad and MovableType; to u*Blog manual. If you know settings for other blog services, please let me know.

I've been so busy for last few weeks that I couldn't do anything related to development. But today, at last, I registerd u*Blog at PalmGear. Please let me know your impressions via comment and trackback when you try u*Blog :)

u*Blog update log translation is finished. There are only entries which announcing software update now. I may post entries about daily life or things which I'm interested in when I feel like to do so later :-)


このページには、May 2005に書かれたブログ記事が新しい順に公開されています。

前のアーカイブはApril 2005です。

次のアーカイブはJuly 2005です。