u*Blog Ver.1.0 build40

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u*Blog Ver.1.0 build40 is released.
This is big fix release. You can install this version without uninstalling old version.

New in this release.

  • Fixed a bug that d> remains when you post an entry with <extend>.

I plan to distribute u*Blog at Palm Gear or Freeware Palm. And it occurs to me that Jpeg format are causing some trouble becase or its patent. So I delete JpegLib.prc from the zip file. You can find URL where JpegLib.prc is being distributed. Please download it for yourselves if you need it. :-)



I'm trying to use build 40 for updating my wordpress site. It's giving me an "Open Socket Error" when I try to post, and it's timing out (after a long delay) when I try to get the categories. Any ideas?



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