PetitLaunch Ver.1.0 build17

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PetitLaunch Ver.1.0 build17 is released.
You can overwrite a older version when you update this palmware. In this case, please disable it once and enable it after you update it.

New features in this release

  • Support auto command execution option, which enable command to be executed automatically when no other commands can be found by incremental search.
  • Support 5-way-navigator control in setting forms.


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I tried out your excellent program. It seems like it might be what I am looking for. However, I could not find any option to launch DA's. Perhaps I am overlooking it? Please tell me where to look in the program to launch a DA with a command word.

Thanks for making this great program for free!



DAs are included in Application in Edit Command Form.
#It might be rather strange. I've not notice it(^^;

To make commands which execute DAs,
press New Button in Command Form and Edit Command Form will appear,
Scroll down application list for DAs are listed at the tail of this list,
Tap DA's name in the list and make a command.



Thanks, EIJ
I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

However, it can become the must have for Treo 650 owners if you can add the followings to the 'Start Trigger':
Opt.+Home/Menu/Side Button/Volume+/Volume-.

This is because many software intercept/disable the 4 hard buttons & the 5-way nav-keys.



tried PetitLaunch for the first time yesterday. So far, I love it. Small, fast and stable. I think it might just be the perfect launcher for my Treo 650.

The poster above had several "Start Trigger" requests. I would like to add one: Home Press&Hold.

Also, can you add a Soft Reset function to the "System" commands?



Thank you for posting comments and ideas.
I'll add some start triggers in the next version. I suppose that press&hold type triggers will be rather tough to implement. Anyway, I'll try to :-)

It's easy to add "Soft Reset" to "System" command. I'll add it in the next version.



PetitLaunch is useful, but maybe can't instead Hi-Launcher yet. I wish you can add an "display menu list" option to let user choose the full menu list can be displayed or not. This feature is like Hi-Launcher or McPhling.

Thanks and good luck ~~~


Thanks for developing this great util and offering it as freeware. I'm currently using it my Treo 650 and it works pretty nicely. I've actually started a thread in the forum to tell others about your PL. Here's the link to it:

I'm sure you'll get a lot of people using it.

Thanks again.

This is great potential, especially for the Treo where it extends the power of one-handed navigation.

The issue explained above by other Treo users is the "trigger". All 4 hard buttons and the option+hardbuttons are usually used (we have phone functions, etc that other Palms don't).

A solution is to be able to map to any key on the keyboard of the Treo through a press-and-hold, especially the "Home" key.

That would make a great program really awesome!



Thanks for your comments.

I examine the idea to add "display menu list" opption. I'm afraid that to add this function has little meaning because it is painful to choose a command from many commands with 5 way navigator.

In the thread in, it is discussed that to add a function. It allows to show lists including commands which starts a certain letter; see the thread mentioned in Jmster's comment for more detail.
I think it would work.

About start triggers, I found it rather tough to implement press and hold type triggers. Now I'm trying to find out a good way to implement it.


re: the press and hold trigger.

Appreciating that I am not a developer and do not know how competitive you guys are, why not correspond with another Palm developer that has integrated the press and hold trigger into their program. i.e. ButtonsEx or Butler, etc.

Many of the Palm developers seem quite collegial.

BTW, I like the basic functionality of PetitLauncher the way it is. Small and fast. I was using HiLauncher, and right now I have switched over to PetitLauncher to see if it can replace it completely. My biggest beef with HiLauncher is that the scrolling of menus and sub-menus with the 5-way was not fast. PetitLauncher seems much faster.

Very cool program. At last someone's come up with a better Co-Launcher - it took all these years!

Please don't touch the launching system - it's neat and very fast. Once you add other launch techniques, it might slow down the program.

For the functionality it has, it's ok to give up one of the hardware buttons! That way you can launch programs from when the Treo is asleep!

Requests: Can we sort the command list? And also have the list move to the alphabet you press under the Edit Command screen during command selection to help the speed of setup?

"For the functionality it has, it's ok to give up one of the hardware buttons! That way you can launch programs from when the Treo is asleep!"

After using this software for a week, I have to agree, this is probably the best way the use the software. Assigning it to one of the app buttons also eliminates on key press to launch an app. On that note, I take back everything I said before if it means that this is going to influence you to make this into some bloated software. The way the program is, fast stable and effecient is the way it should remain.

Thank you for your comments.
Sort function is available from menu in command form. This function sorts all commands according to their first letters, not entire command names. If the first letters are same betweeen two commands, it leaves them as they are.
Therefore, you can sort all commands keeping already cusomized order.

Regarding to start triggers,
I will carefully examine if adding Press-and-Hold type spoil quickness or not, authough I feel press type triggers are enough to this softwere as some of you mentioned above.


Great program as is. I too would like the option to activate via the home key. Not with a press and hold, though. Just a single tap. Please.

Another suggestion : add simply ".Keyguard" in the commands, so that Hardware Button 4 can be used to launch PetitLauncher, and in a second press shut down the treo.

That would be my favorite way of using this marvelous software...

Great program! Two requests:

• Allow a way to rename commands already created (once I create a command, I sometimes want to change the name I gave it). The only way I see to do this is to delete and recreate it with the new name.

• A way to sort the list my way rather than 1st letter alpha. For example, if I try to move the top command in the list down to the bottom (of a multi-page list) using the arrow keys, I can only can get it to move down to the middle of the list. Subsequent presses of the down button do nothing. Not that big of a deal, but if the U/D buttons are there, it seems as though they should work as intended.

so good command launcher.
I wish you can add a shortcut table to view、modify

I love this program! Exactly the launcher that I have been searching for. One request please. Would it be possible to make the trigger button the "home button" I would use this as my primary launcher and ditch Hi-Launcher. I've noticed that others have requested a similar feature. Thanks.

Just wanted make a quick comment about the Cat's Christmas hat. Nice touch.

Currently Petit Launcher (what a great program and it supports the Treo 650!) displays a list of commands if names start with the same letter.
- Would be great if pressing the third key would 'auto execute' the command similar like the working of auto exec at a second press.
- Perhaps that second level single key launch should be supported by setting an option 'auto command execution level 2'

And some additional wishes:
- could pressing up, down, left, right, and select be supported in shortcuts? That is these shortcuts only work when PL is activated through it's key pressing launch
- could long presses (1/2 to 1/4 sec) of hard keys be supported to launch yet another set of shortcuts in 2 ways.
1) just pressing it long, while PL is not active through a key press.
2) pressing it long after activation of PL, like is the currently the case with shortcuts.

Did you know that PowerDA costs $6, to just support launching DAs from any system key on a Treo 650?

Thanks again for this gem!

First of all, I would like to say that I have been using the PalmOS for 7 years, and this is one of my most favorite programs that I've ever used.

I have a great idea for either an upgrade or another program all together, I just don't have the programming skills to accomplish it. In addition to launching programs, this would be an amazing tool for the Treo if it could search contacts as well. Idealling this would just utilize the contact database and be updated realtime. Once a name is selected another pop-up window opens which has the info (mobile phone number, work phone number, email, etc....) and selecting one will automatically let you make a call, send an sms text message, or create an email.

I would love to help if the development of such a project, although I have no palm programming experience.

Does this seem possible? I like the way that petitlauncher can launch from within any application, and I like that I'd be able to call, sms, or email anyone with limited keystrokes.

Let me know!

What an excellent program! So small (petit!) and yet it works so well.
I have a few simple suggestions:

1) Is it possible to add the classic Palm :shortcut: symbol to the list of Hard Key Short Cuts? It's the one that looks like a little ribbon. To access this symbol on the Treo 650 normally you have to press S+ALT+ALT+ALT+ALT.

2) If I assign the select button on the 5-way pad as the 'Start Trigger', I cannot access the Alerts screen on my Treo 650. Can 'Alerts' be added to the System list of Commands?

Many thanks for the wonderful program.

Great app. I loved its idea. However, it crashed my T700p about 5 times in less than 3 hrs. should we expect an update for the 700p anytime soon.


PetitLaunch works great on UX50 and Tréo600 !

If you want to talk about this soft in French, you can go to :

This is the best launcher program I've ever used! Works fast and flawlessly. On the contrary to the user above, I've been using it on my Treo 700p for days now without a hitch. Thanks so much for such a wonderful program.

My feature wish list:
- Ability to launch apps from SD card, just like how McPhling does it
- In the setup screen, list all apps and use show/hide check boxes to designate whether each program should be included in the popup list

Thanks very much for the hard work!

Nice program. I like it even more than Hi-Launcher (It is simply and fast). Just a little suggestion:

Would you please add the display of the Time/Date on the launcher? It should be more convinent for us. Now I have to install another DA to watch time when I am running other program.

A musical about the witches from The Wizard of Oz breaks West End box office records, its producers say...


Thank you very much for sharing this gem. It gives users great efficiency that other launchers fail to address well. Thanks! I am using Build 18 on Treo 680, and I found that if I start Petit Launch and launch an command while menu bar is still visible, it will reset my treo. It's a reproducible phenomena. Is it just me or a bug?

Thank you again for this great ap!

Hey EIG,

I've been having similar issues with my Treo 700p as "Eureka". Also have had other random resets that occur if I use Petit and try to use the HardButton shortcuts to fast (very weird but I can reproduce it to a degree). Also, support for the 700's new key-config would be nice (700's home button, green button, etc). Otherwise, I have to say that this is the best launcher app I have ever used! Keep up the good work!!

Works perfectly on my 680; even the Select Press&Hold works! On my Mac, I use Quicksilver and being able to launch apps in the same way on my Treo is great.

I love this program!
2 requests/suggestions:
1) To be able to map the magic button to the Home Button of the T650.
2) To be able to run programs from the SD Card.

Okay, I love the program. It's exactly what I was looking for as a Palm version of the Windows program "Launchy". Anyhow, is there any way of getting rid of the cat?



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