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I got an email reporting that u*Blog did not work with Blogger with Google account. When I checked Blogger's development informtaion, I found that they changed user authentication protocol :(.
Current u*Blog does not support the new authentication protocol. So, at this moment, the only way is not to update your blog in Blogger to new version. Sorry for that.


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Please please do update soon. I tried to keep my old blooger account but when I set it to be hosted on my FTP space I was forced to upgrade. The ID number is now much longer...

Hi Eij,

I'm just starting to use u*Blog. Great program -- thank you for making it :-)

I often write German and French and I noticed that these special characters give a HTML parse error.

Do I have to install the 2 extra files ? It seems they are for Japan only...

Are you preparing Unicode support for the European languages ?

PS: your email does not work ?!

I'm just curious on updates regarding the new blogger with google account errors.

U*Blog works with new Blogger you just need to set the host to

I have been happily using U*Blog and think it is a great app. I am however having problems uploading files with my Blog posts to Blogger. MoveableType works fine, but no good with Blogger. Can you help?



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